Wednesday, 27 September 2017


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Hi there Loves! It is yet that time to see the end of another month! Of late, I got married to work, like literally! My social life has been affected too since I get no time to spend with my besties. I am a millennial, and my oh my the thoughts I get to venture into my own passion and make it my own baby is quite overwhelming! But you know what, I should give it a shot!
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So as we all know, Kenyans are now going green in everything! We are adjusting to the ban of plastic bags and there is an act in place to be implemented on getting rid of plastic bottles. People are now being cautious on what they eat, drink and apply on their bodies as cosmetics. Cancer has taken a lot of our loved ones and now people are watching everything they are buying from the ingredients to the benefits! 
I have always wanted to share my secrets on the products that I hand make and use on my locs and skin and I am proud to say that during my next post, I will gladly reveal my natural baby to the market for the first time! Yipiiee!! I am soo excited! I mean, imagine sharing your all natural body butters, lip balms, nail cuticles, hair products, bath bombs etc to all the naturalistas out there, ensuring that every lady has a bit of the skin glitz and glam!!
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This post is just but an introductory segment of launching true wholesomeness of natural beauty. Subscribe to the blog as you get to see my journey that I am yet to begin! 
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Wednesday, 30 August 2017



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Life has been happening, especially trying to balance between work and blogging and living my life. Elections were here and we just gave our president another chance to lead us! HURRAY!
I wear my lipstick on a daily basis, this is something I cannot live without since it forms part of my morning routine. I tend to wear my lippies with a lip pen/lip liner for it to last long! I have my fav colors ie Hot pink, Brown, Wine and Purple.
So on this post, I will highlight what different shades of lipsticks portray about our characters.

  • Bright Red Shade - You are making a bold statement. It shows you like being admired and it projects confidence.
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  • Subtle Red Shade - It talks about Modesty. It means you are a quieter person and does not like being the center of attraction. It does not necessarily man that you are boring.
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  • Hot Pink Shade - It means leading an adventurous life. The favorite word here might be 'yes' to everything.
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  • Wine Shade - Its all about seduction. It means you take time to get what you want.
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  • Unique Shade ( Blue, Green, Yellow) - It shows Creativity. It means you have a wild and vivid imagination.
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  • Black Shade - It shows you have a dark side since bright colors are too flashy for you.
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  • Purple/Mauve Shade - It shows power, luxury and magic. They are feminine and romantic yet strong and confident.
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  • Brown/Taupe Shade - It means you are an orderly individual. It shows you are warm, comfortable and wholesome yet natural and dependable.
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Which color defines who you are? Share and comment on what you love!
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Tuesday, 25 July 2017


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Happy end month guys!! Kenyans all over are anticipating for our General Elections.
Today I will share an article that was written by a good friend of mine...Mbogow the Poet.

"We have been so much into poetry that we forget of the words,
words that not only heal the soul but also talk the truth,
truth about the world and its happenings,
happenings that create the gap between the rich and the poor,
poor, so poor they are that they can’t afford a meal at daylight,
daylight that puts a smile on the faces of the children,
children who are driven to school,
school which drives them crazy,
crazy that all they think about is taking their girls out to places like KFC, Chicken inn, Kempinski and a beach date to MSA.
MSA is a place where some are so poor that they only hear it on the news,
news that maize from mexico is here,
here to sort out the story on unga being a rare commodity,
commodity that is on demand,
demand that leaves the price hiking to around 150 percent increase,
increase in the price increases the hunger hence the increase in the number of deaths,
deaths that lead to the death of an economy we developed ourselves.
We don't wanna get back to the ditch our economy was in 2007,
2007 the year we had post election violence,
violence that left our country in damage,
damage that challenged us to bring up back our economy,
economy is at stake,
stake i look at hopefully that one day Kenyan shilling will be equal to a dollar.
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Wednesday, 5 July 2017


Eish! my LOCS are Bomb!!!
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Its JULY!! And it tags along the cold season. Dust off those trench and long coats and keep your coffee close by at all times! How are you all?
So today i want to answer the questions that people ask me every now and then regarding my locs.
'How long are they? Do you wash them? Which products do you use? Do you go to the salon or you DIY? How do you maintain them?" they ask.
I am not a guru in 'all things natural' nor do i call myself a naturalist, but i will share how it is that i keep up with my dreadlocks just for those who want to join the #teamnaturals or for those who are already dread heads.
I decided to loc my hair on 14th Feb 2015 but since it was a rational decision, I did what everybody says, 'you got to shave your hair when beginning the journey!' This is just but a myth. I wish I did a good research on how well to begin locking my hair because I really experimented with it, from applying Coke to doing hideous things so that my short locs can tangle real fast! But i must say, I am enjoying my localicious journey so far!
To maintain and have clean locs, I normally do the following;

  • Wash after two weeks - Dreads tend to lock faster with clean hair. The shampoo used determines the future of your hair. Use non-residual shampoo that will not accumulate dirt in your locs.
  • Conditioning - I tend to use apple cider vinegar rinse where i mix 1/4 cup to 1 cup of apple cider with 6 ounces of water.This can be substituted to baking soda. It helps in penetrating the hair follicles and removing any residues. I do this twice a month.
  • Deep conditioning - This is done by natural oils eg olive oil, coconut oil, grape oil, jojoba oil, shea oil and almond oil. After washing your locs, dry them with a towel, coat with the natural oil desired and cover with a plastic cap or plastic bag. Let it sit for a few minutes and rinse with warm water. Do this once in every month.
  • Daily moisturizing - I make my own daily spritz that moistens my locs. I mix aloe vera juice with the above mentioned natural oils and add 5 drops of either peppermint oil, rose oil or lavender oil for a good scent. Put in a spritz bottle and store in the fridge. This acts like the hairs daily food. It is best applied at night so that it can loc in moisture. 
  • Protective night care - I got this silk scarf at a muhindi's shop that sells fabrics. Silk best locs moisture without being absorbed by the cotton pillowcase. And hair friction when we move our heads in sleep is minimized compared to using other fabrics as head scarfs. 
Make the above steps a routine and you will enjoy having the healthiest dreadlocks that will make heads turn.
I have just put across what I do, do not feel limited by trying out new ways.  
Have any more maintenance routine that I have not included? Drop a comment and share how you keep your hair looking thick and shiny!

Till next time, Cheerio!!!

Wednesday, 21 June 2017


Happy Wednesday Loves! 
Is it me or is 2017 hitting us with a bang! This year is flowing fast! So remember during the introduction phase I mentioned how involved I am in church activities? Well, today I will share an insight of Sunday's Cultural Day.
I believe that Culture describes people who join together because of shared patters of behavior, ideas or products (things we create eg music, fashion etc).

 When I say that the church is Multicultural, this is exactly what I mean. The congregation acts differently, thinks differently, and hence has diversity in all aspects!
This year's edition was "Unity among the youth" thematic. The sole purpose of the day was to see what the youth can accomplish when the like minds are put together at work as they get to unite with their roots. And my oh my! The day was a blast! From the dress-code, different cultures were displayed.
The red-headed Indian

The Egyptian goddess

There were also activities that kept people on their toes as they waited for the climax of the day, 'The runway show'. Dance sampling (trying out different styles from the dance guru's), Musical chairs, just to touch on a few of the activities.
*Drum rolls* 
18 models had to wow the judges with their showcases to earn the title "Mr & Mrs St.Lucia Parish 2017/2018". The dressing categories were official wear, casual wear, creative wear and dinner wear.
Believe me, but there is nothing as sexy as beauty and brains and am pretty sure the adjudicators used this to crown the king & queen.
Enjoy the pics that marked the day a success.

"Young people, enjoy your youth. Be happy while you still can" Ecclesiastes 11:9 
Till next time,