Wednesday, 21 June 2017


Happy Wednesday Loves! 
Is it me or is 2017 hitting us with a bang! This year is flowing fast! So remember during the introduction phase I mentioned how involved I am in church activities? Well, today I will share an insight of Sunday's Cultural Day.
I believe that Culture describes people who join together because of shared patters of behavior, ideas or products (things we create eg music, fashion etc).

 When I say that the church is Multicultural, this is exactly what I mean. The congregation acts differently, thinks differently, and hence has diversity in all aspects!
This year's edition was "Unity among the youth" thematic. The sole purpose of the day was to see what the youth can accomplish when the like minds are put together at work as they get to unite with their roots. And my oh my! The day was a blast! From the dress-code, different cultures were displayed.
The red-headed Indian

The Egyptian goddess

There were also activities that kept people on their toes as they waited for the climax of the day, 'The runway show'. Dance sampling (trying out different styles from the dance guru's), Musical chairs, just to touch on a few of the activities.
*Drum rolls* 
18 models had to wow the judges with their showcases to earn the title "Mr & Mrs St.Lucia Parish 2017/2018". The dressing categories were official wear, casual wear, creative wear and dinner wear.
Believe me, but there is nothing as sexy as beauty and brains and am pretty sure the adjudicators used this to crown the king & queen.
Enjoy the pics that marked the day a success.

"Young people, enjoy your youth. Be happy while you still can" Ecclesiastes 11:9 
Till next time,